Mzansi Mats

Craft Homes wanted to speak to the hearts of their customers when they purchase their homes. We decided to turn an everyday object into something special. Introducing Mzansi Mats: Doormats sporting “Welcome” in SA’s eleven official languages. Each mat features a unique design inspired by local South African cultures, patterns, objects and textiles. The mats were launched on Heritage Day 2022 and will is being gifted to all new Craft Homes clients, in their home language.


Nikwaflora is one of the top foliage and flower growers in South Africa, yet their brand lacked the curated approach they have instilled on the farm. By pushing the farm’s purpose from a pure agricultural stance to a new vision of “cultivating care” we rejuvenated the brand with an exquisite brand mark. This was further bolstered with hand-drawn illustrations of their flagship flowers which rolled out onto their boxes and website.


We worked with Abreal, a property management company in it’s desire to rebrand and enter the market with a renewed service offering. We workshopped a revised company purpose, one which strives to place people at the heart of the business and the buildings they manage. Enter: Strive, a company that makes property personal with a bespoke and engaging new corporate identity.

S&J Geared For

S&J Industrial Estate is a leading industrial development of 160 ha, situated in the south-eastern parts of Johannesburg. The estate, which is being developed in partnership by Abland and Redefine Properties, offers tenants with logistic, light manufacturing and warehousing operations, premium space to grow their businesses from. The estate is also the first certified EcoDistrict® on the African continent, meeting various strict, green development standards.

As part of the new B2B advertising campaign, we crafted 4 engaging typographic executions based on S&J’s corporate typeface. The look and feel was kept fresh and clean. The words were brought to life through 3D animation, fit for use on digital and static channels. The 4 keywords executed for the campaign were:

• Greatness
• Logistics
• Industrial
• Greener